I'm an entrepreneur and researcher in cryptography, currently CEO at CryptoExperts, a service and technology company in cryptography. In a previous life, I've been cryptography engineer at Oberthur Technologies (smart card manufacturer, now Idemia) and PhD student at University of Luxembourg (2006-2009).

My current work involves many aspects of practical cryptography and its applications. My main research topics are provable security for cryptographic ilmplementations, side-channel attacks and white-box cryptography.

This webpage contains information about my scientific activities, publications, PhD thesis, and talks.


Jan 20, 2020: Accepted paper at Eurocrypt: "Tornado: Automatic Generation of Probing-Secure Masked Bitsliced Implementations"
Jan 5-10, 2020: Attending HACS and RWC in NYC 
Aug 30, 2019: Pyjamask selected to 2nd round of NIST call 
May 16, 2019: Invited keynote at ICMC19  
Mar 29, 2019: Start of WhibOx contest edition 2 
Jan 2019: Papers on WBC at TCHES (ia.cr/2019/076), COSADE (ia.cr/2018/869) and JCEN (ia.cr/2018/098
Oct 10, 2018: Invited talk at Journées C2 on "Secure Computation in the Presence of Noisy Leakage"  

Scientific Activities

Current projects:
  - VERISICC: FUI funded project on formal verification of side-channel countermeasures
  - IDECYS+: FUI funded project on simple and reliable electronic identity applications
  - SWITECH: ANR funded project on white-box cryptography
  - Pyjamask: a cipher submitted to NIST call for lightweight cryptography

Program co-chair of CHES 2018 with Dan Page (co-editors-in-chief of IACR TCHES Vol. 2018)  

Program committee member of   JC2 2020   CHES 2019   ASIACRYPT 2017   CHES 2017   COSADE 2017   TIs 2016   SPACE 2016   CHES 2016   EUROCRYPT 2016   COSADE 2016   GREHACK 2015   CHES 2015   COSADE 2015   CHES 2014   FDTC 2014   COSADE 2014   CARDIS 2013   CHES 2013   FDTC 2013   COSADE 2013   CARDIS 2012   CHES 2012   FDTC 2012   HOST 2012   CARDIS 2011   HOST 2011   HOST 2010  

PhD advisor of
  - Junwei Wang (2017-present) on White-Box Cryptography – co-supervised with Jean-Sébastien Coron, Sihem Mesnager and Pascal Paillier
  - Dahmun Goudarzi (2015-2018) on Secure Implementation of Block Ciphers against Physical Attacks – co-supervised with Damien Vergnaud

General co-chair of CHES 2015 with Emmanuel Prouff and Guénaël Renault – French press on the event: Les rois du cryptage à Saint-Malo

Co-organiser of ECRYPT-CSA workshops WISE 2015, AWACS 2016, WhibOx 2016, wr0ng 2017

Co-organiser of the WhibOx contest edition 1 (CHES 2017 CTF) and edition 2 (CHES 2019 CTF)

Member of IACR since 2007


















On the Physical Security of Cryptographic Implementations

PhD thesis defended on September 22nd 2009 at University of Luxembourg.

PhD advisor: Jean-Sébastien Coron

PhD committee: Alex Biryukov, Jean-Sébastien Coron, Louis Goubin, Marc Joye, Franck Leprévost, François-Xavier Standaert

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Contact information

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